Who Are We? Why You Should Read our Dating Guide: How To Date?

A Tale of Two Friends Hooking Up

When we were younger, my best friend and I had very little trouble getting dates. We grew up together in the same city, went to the same schools, and did almost everything together. We even went on a few double dates together in our day. We sort of considered ourselves pick-up artists and would make games and bets out of trying to get a date with one girl or another. We had no problem with walking up to a hot girl in the street and totally humiliating ourselves in front of them, all for the sake of trying to get a date. Our cheesy pick-up lines and silly antics didn’t always work, but we had pretty good success in making things happen for us no matter where we were hanging out. We got a lot of dates, and even built ourselves a bit of a reputation as players in the game. To learn more about our story, follow the link to Find Out More About Our Review Team!

When We Lost Our Touch

This was all good for a while, but at some point something changed. We started to notice that we were getting less and less dates. Girls would barely look up from their phones whenever we tried some of our patented pick-up techniques. Something was different, and we realized that if we didn’t figure it out quick, we would be sitting alone every Friday night. We tried new tricks and even crazier stunts, but none of it worked like it had once before. We were starting to get desperate, and no one is worse at finding a date with a girl than a desperate man.

Enter the World of Online Dating

As social media and online activity started to become a more frequent part on our lives, we began to realize that the internet might be the answer that we needed. Some of our other friends had told us about online dating, and although we had resisted it for some time, we decided that it would have to work better than our failing techniques. Without many other options, we didn’t hesitate long before we had fully immersed ourselves into some of the dating sites that are out there. We made profiles, browsed through the lists of chicks, and started to strike up conversations with some girls.

Scammed Like No Others

Everything seemed good at first. In fact, better than good. We were talking to tons of girls and having a lot of positive interactions on most of the sites we tried. We were having a little trouble setting up actual dates, but it seemed like there was tons of interest. As we had learned from the past, we persisted in our attempts as is so important in the dating game. However, after endless conversations and occasional picture swapping, we started to realize that most of these girls probably had no interest in ever meeting, if they were even actually girls. Even worse than some of our dead-end conversations, we started to realize that some of the paid services we had subscribed too were totally useless. Although we had a few successes, it seemed like the majority of our attempts were a complete waste of time.

Fighting Back: Online Dating Scams

The final straw came when I got my credit card information stolen, and my buddy went on a date with a girl that turned out to be a dude. We were nearly broken men, and both of us were ready to give up, but we couldn’t go out like that. We decided to fight back against all the scams and phony profiles, and try to figure out what was legitimate and what was fake in the world of online dating.

The Scientific Approach

We started to take a more methodical approach in our online dating as we wanted to expose all of these potential dating scams. Our new approach started to work, and we began to see that although there is tons of scams and ineffective sites out there, there are still a few that work. Although we had traditionally kept our pick-up secrets to ourselves, we decided that it would probably be worthwhile to share our findings with other guys. With our own embarrassment and frustration in mind, we started this site to help other guys avoid the same pitfalls that we had suffered, and to help them find success in their own relationships.