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After investing some time into testing UpForIt.com, our team got a pretty good feel for what the dating service is all about and the extent that it can help you connect with local online singles looking to hang out. We’ve used plenty of dating websites and know all of the ins and outs of these kinds of services and with a few months of time invested, we can safely say that in our opinion UpForIt is not worth the effort. Whether you’re using the free or premium membership option, the service is plagued by problems that will do nothing but throw roadblock after roadblock at you as you attempt to find sexy, local singles that match your interests.

UpForIt Reviews

Most of the reviews of UpForIt.com aren’t very promising – complaints of fake profiles, computer generated messages and users that aren’t serious about meeting didn’t give us high hopes for UpForIt being any good as a dating service. Nevertheless, we signed up and gave it a shot, taking advantage of all that the premium memberships of this service have to offer and determine if it’s really worth the money.

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Is UpForIt Legit?

Once you begin to browse local singles in your area using UpForIt, you’ll probably find that you start receiving messages from women fairly quickly. Although this is always an exciting feeling, the sad reality is that most of these messages will turn out to be fake profiles. UpForIt.com doesn’t seem to have much security in place to prevent these fake users from creating profiles, and even worse is the fact that they don’t make an effort to remove them. Finding someone to connect with is difficult enough and dating services like this make the process even more frustrating by failing to weed out the fake from the real.

Reviews of UpForIt

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UpForIt Scams

UpForIt isn’t a scam dating website, but taking a look at their terms and conditions will reveal that they do use profiles that aren’t real singles for “entertainment purposes.” The fact that they flood their service with these profiles makes it very difficult to find someone real to make a genuine connection with – the sole purpose of such sites. Using UpForIt.com can be a very frustrating experience due to these profiles and we found ourselves having to weed out the messages that we received from profiles that weren’t real people. Dating is all about making genuine connections with actual human beings and dealing with these kinds of profiles is the complete opposite of this.

Is UpForIt Working?

After spending a few months using UpForIt, we received 62 replies from the 150 messages that we sent out to potential matches. Out of these responses, 22 dates were set up and none of them led to real dates. The amount of effort that it takes to find real singles in your area is already high enough thanks to the fake profiles discussed above, but even when you do connect with some they aren’t serious about meeting. Ultimately, we felt that our time was completely wasted using this dating website when other newer services offer more potential for connecting with local singles.

Is UpForIt Real?

UpForIt is a real dating service that is plagued with fake profiles and computer generated messages. Although there are some real singles on here, from our experiences none of them are looking for anything serious. For all of the effort that we put in to using its numerous premium features, none of them led us anywhere. UpForIt is a prime example of a dating service that you should avoid, as it features everything that is wrong with these kinds of websites.

The key to a successful dating service is ensuring that real, serious singles have a means of connecting with people that match their interests and effectively setting up dates with them. Unfortunately, UpForIt doesn’t live up to these standards, instead creating a disappointing environment that does nothing but promote false hope for hopeful singles. Save your time and money and invest it into another newer dating website that is actually going to connect you with other serious singles and provide you with a potential relationship.