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Through our testing of different dating websites, we have found to be a fairly decent dating service for hooking up with older women. There are tons of bogus sites that play to milf fantasy, but out of them all, MilfTastic reviews as one of the best for actually meeting with women who want to get it on. The entire website is geared towards hooking up younger guys with cougars, milfs, and hot older women. This makes it a particularly good site if you are looking specifically to hook up with a hot milf. If you want to find out exactly what we thought about The Best Cougar Dating Sites read more about our other reviews.

Tested and Proven MilfTastic Success with Sex

Between me and my best friend, we have tested tons of hookup sites with varying degrees of success, but MilfTastic stood out as one that we definitely needed to recommend. We can confirm with confidence that MilfTastic is a legit way to hook-up with women, and we have the smiles (and a couple of photos) to prove it. It is an easy to use website with some cool features that make it simple to connect with milfs who are interested in meeting. This is not the type of site that consists only of endless conversations. This is the type of site that could end with a sexual encounter that will leave you fully satisfied.

Statistiques of MilfTastic

How We Did It on

When we set out to find the best dating services available on the internet, we decided to do it with a more methodical approach. There are so many scam sites and ineffective dating services that we knew that we needed to do more than just look at the sites to do a proper review. We wanted to see exactly the percentages of response and success that we got based on our activity. Between the two of us, we tested 80 different dating sites, and we used the same approach for each site so we could get an unbiased analysis across the board.

The Final Results for MilfTastic

If you are wondering if MilfTastic is any good for hooking up with real women, the results below will help inform your decision on whether or not you want to use the site. It is in our opinion that MilfTastic is real and works for getting dates, but you can be the judge based on our statistical findings below.

Reviews of MilfTastic

Comparison of MilfTastic. Category: Mature Dating. Rank: 1. Web address: MilfTastic.com0

Sent Emails
Our baseline of judgement for each website we tested was a 150 emails. All of our results are based on what kind of action we could get from that amount of messages to potential matches.

Received Replies – 60%
On, we received a response rate of 60%. This is significantly higher than many other sites, and is one of the reasons that MilfTastic reviews so highly.

Dates Set Up – 59%
From all of our responses, we were able to set up 54 dates. Usually we are happy with one or two, but 54 is way better.

Dates Actually Had – 96%
Out of all the dates that we were able to set up, only two of them canceled. Maybe they got sick, or maybe their husbands found out, but either way, 96% of them were still able to come out and meet us.

Relationship Potentials – 92%
Out of all of our actual dates, 92% of these seemed like there was actually relationship potential. We cannot say for sure that this would happen, but 48 potential relationships has pretty good odds. The rest of the work is up to you.

Are There Any MilfTastic Scams?

No website is perfect, and the same is true for We did find there to be a few profiles that seemed suspiciously too good to be true, but this didn’t stop us from actually meeting with potential milfs. We did our best to avoid the profiles that looked like they were created from google image searches, and with that in mind, we were still able to find some really decent prospects.

Features of

Although MilfTastic is not loaded with a bunch of unique features, it is still quite evident that MilfTastic is working as a good resource for hooking up with real women. The features are on the more basic side of dating sites, but still has all the normal functions that we are used to seeing on dating services. Features such as chatting, profile building and and group chat rooms are a good way to help you in your search for a date with an older woman.

The Final Verdict on MilfTastic

In summary, we found MilfTastic to be a worthwhile dating service, which is why we have decided to give it a positive review. No website has a 100% success rate and there is never any guarantee that you will get laid, but if the results have proven anything, it is that you can easily set up dates through this website. Registration is free, so it is worth giving it a try. If you do like it, we also recommend spending a little bit extra to get some of the perks of the paid membership. We certainly found it helpful in our search.