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For just jumping into the world of online dating, is one of the dating sites that you might stumble across. At first glance it seems like a nice looking site with all of the usual chat, search and message features as other quality dating sites, but in our experiences with testing the service we’ve felt nothing but disappointment. Not only are there plenty of scammers on here, the people that are real are usually only looking for sex. In our opinion, this is a very unsuitable dating website to find any sort of relationship potential.

LoveAholics Reviews

Do a quick search of and you’ll find plenty of past users with things to say about the dating service. Unfortunately, most of the feedback is negative – between credit card scammers and a nymphomaniac user base, LoveAholics doesn’t seem to be an ideal place for singles looking for a real connection. There’s nothing wrong with casual sex, but there are much better sites out there for this purpose and with a name like LoveAholics, it’s safe to assume that people are going to be using the dating site for more long-term purposes.

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LoveAholics Scams

After signing up with, you’ll probably receive numerous messages right away, most of which are scammers trying to get your credit card information. In addition, there are some bots on here that use the same lines and conversation tactics each time and make it obvious that they’re not real users. After contacting the administrators about these problems, we were disappointed to find that none of them responded. Clearly, maintaining a reasonable level of quality on this dating website is not very high on the priority list for the LoveAholics staff.

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Is LoveAholics Legit?

Despite the scams discussed above, is a legitimate dating website. The layout is simple but pleasing on the eyes and the interface is fairly intuitive. When you do weed out the numerous scammers and bots, you will find some real singles on here – the problem is they’re all looking for quick flings. We’ve reviewed numerous casual sex websites that are effective for this purpose, but for LoveAholics the focus should be on what they advertise – relationships that hold future potential.

Is LoveAholics Working?

LoveAholics is definitely not working – after sending out 150 emails, we received 81 replies, which led to just 6 dates being set up. Six is a low number itself, but the worst part is that none of these dates went through, meaning we had absolutely no success using this dating service. Not only does LoveAholics fail to provide users that are looking for what its target audience is seeking, even the users that are real are are flaky and probably won’t meet up with you. In comparison to other dating websites, this is on the very low end of the spectrum in terms of effectiveness.

Is LoveAholics Real?

At the end of the day, is real – it’s just not any good. Between the fake users, credit card scammers and user base that isn’t up to the standards that the site should have for itself, there are numerous other newer dating websites out there that are full of real singles looking to meet up and potentially have a relationship. Although has all of the standard chat, message and search features that you would expect from a dating website and they’re all functional, without a pool of real singles to use it, they’re ultimately useless.

From our experiences, online dating can be a very effective way of meeting singles in your area and make serious connections. However, dating sites like definitely don’t fall into this category. Despite its nice aesthetics, the numerous scams and fake profiles will make your efforts go to waste and leave you feeling like you’ve been scammed, especially if you’ve purchased a premium membership. Save your time and money for other dating services that are actually going to work and avoid using sites such as this that are rife with scammers and time-wasters.