Reviews of the Best Cougar Dating Services For Young Men & Mature Women

The dating world can be tough, but if you’re a young man looking for a serious connection you should definitely consider finding mature women. If you constantly keep getting into relationships with people that aren’t on on the same page as you, consider the fact that the age and maturity of the women in your demographic can vary and make it hard to find someone looking for something real. Cougar dating services are a great way to find a woman looking for a committed relationship and we’ve listed some of the best and worst below to help you find what you’re looking for.

Why Cougars?

Older women have the benefit of time on their side – between relationships and general life experiences, they have a level of confidence that typically means they know exactly what they want. While many younger women are at points in their lives where they’re still unsure of what they need in a relationship and the level of commitment that they desire, cougars know what they want and won’t beat around the bush about it. Connecting with mature women as a young man is a great way to find someone that’s not going to play games and also impress you when it comes time to move things into the bedroom.

Real Cougar Dating Services

When it comes to cougar dating services, most of them are going to promote the fact that they can get you in touch with a mature woman that can give you a level of sexual and emotional maturity not possible with younger women. Of course, most of the websites use these promotional tactics for the sole purpose of luring you into purchasing a premium membership. So how do you weed out the good dating services from the bad? We’ve listed some of the best cougar websites below to help you speed up the process and get off on the right foot.

Dating Services Rating Standing Sent Emails Received Replies Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Relationship Potentials Analyses Try On
★★★★★ #1 150 91 54 52 48 Read the review Free Trial
★★★★ #2 150 81 45 40 36 Read the review Free Trial
★★★★ #3 150 59 24 20 17 Read the review Free Trial

Our 3 best cougar dating services for having a serious relationship

All of the dating services listed above are serious websites with a specific focus on older women. Obviously, as a young man it’s possible to have a serious relationship with someone younger or close to your age, but for those that really want to make sure they find someone serious, focusing on devoting your time to connecting with an older woman offers much greater chances of success. Using any the above cougar dating services will provide you with a simple and effective means of meeting a woman that’s mature and ready for something hot and real.

On top of its intuitive interface that makes searching for cougars a breeze, has plenty of members, which is a reflection of the effort that the team puts into providing a great spot for older women and younger men to connect for something real. In addition, this is the kind of site where other women will message you regularly – these women are mature and know what they want, no games involved. You won’t need to put much effort in before you’re messaging and connecting with many kinds of single women around your area.

Although premium memberships with are on the higher end of the price spectrum for serious dating sites, the amount of useful features and the quality of women that it offers is more than worth the money. With the ability to locate people who are interested in meeting tonight, as well as the ability to browse by location and see who’s viewed your profile, you’ll have no problem finding older women looking for a serious connection. is another quality cougar dating site that offers an effective way to meet real women looking for something serious. After using the free membership for a bit we decided to try out the premium and were more than impressed with the results. The live chat feature is also a great way to connect with women in your area and really get up close and personal before you decide to make the jump to meeting in person, and filtering out members based on their membership status is a great way to weed out the real women from the fake ones.

Scam Dating Websites

Despite the quality of the cougar dating services mentioned above, there are numerous services that advertise themselves as serious dating websites and promise to offer similar things. Unfortunately, in our honest opinion, many of these services fall completely short. If you’re looking for legitimate websites to date older women, avoid the websites below and invest your time into the best dating services that we’ve covered above.

Dating Services Rating Sent Emails Received Replies Dates Set Up Dates Actually Had Relationship Potentials Analyses
★★ 150 89 45 17 6 Read the review
★★ 150 67 7 2 1 Read the review
150 47 15 0 0 Read the review
150 62 22 0 0 Read the review
150 51 9 0 0 Read the review
150 81 6 0 0 Read the review
150 58 0 0 0 Read the review

Online dating sites that failed our tests for having a serious relationship

The dating services outlined above suffer from poor layouts and a low quality of users – many of these users are fake, and taking a look at the profile pictures that look strangely close to a models will tip you off to this fairly quickly. None of these cougar websites are worth the effort or money, so stick to the services that we’ve listed in our positive review section.

Finding mature women in your area looking for something real is a great way for young men to find someone that’s up for a serious relationship. Not only are these women past the point of playing games, they’ve got enough experience in the bedroom that you’re guaranteed to learn a thing or two. If you’re sick of being strung along and led down the path of disappointment when it comes to your dating life, you should invest your time into a quality cougar dating service – we know that you won’t regret it.