4 Tips On How To Please A Woman

please your womanHow To Please A Woman

The age-old question directed to men when it comes to dating is the question of how to please a woman. Indeed, this is a deep, dark field that men can seldom venture into in great enough depth before being swept by the tide of the thought pattern. Since our minds are wired so differently than a woman’s it’s actually next to impossible for us to think about what women truly want, and how we can ever give it to them. Even if we do somehow, someday discover what it is a woman truly craves, that thing might end up being so far out of reach that we won’t ever be able to truly deliver it to her. For that reason, it’s sometimes best to just leave the question complete out of our minds, and just take things as they come. That’s really the best advice that anyone can ever give you on the matter, and we highly suggest following it. Heaven knows, we’ve spent enough time being obsessed over the thought, but we eventually realized that all you can do is act from your gut and pray for the best. To get you started, though, we have a few general tips for dating women that you met online, and they should definitely set you on the right track.

How To Please A Woman On A First Date — Make Her Feel Special

The thing that every woman has in common is the need to feel totally catered to. That’s why, if you’re really wondering how to please a woman, the best thing that you can do is truly make her feel special through each and every flowing moment of your first date. All women grow up dreaming of the lives of magical princesses, and deep down inside, every woman wants to feel like a princess, even in night like these, when she’s out for a one night stand with a lucky guy like you. It’s important not to focus on the end goal of the no string attached night of sex, and live fully in every moment that leads up to your amazing night.

Get better at Online Dating

Don’t Spend Time Discussing The Top Dating Site You Met On

Really, the online dating website world is a miracle, and it’s great that it exists, but there’s really no place in a conversation on a first date for talk about online dating platforms. Mention offhand how funny it is that you’re met through this medium, then promptly move onto more interesting things. There are so many things about each of you to discover throughout the night, that the way you met is really not important, even if it was through the top dating site out there.

Ignore Her If She Brings Up Dealing With In-Laws

Women’s minds, as we highlighted above, tend to be wired in ways different than ours are. Given that, women are sometimes prompted to say completely left-field things. For example, she could get started on how much she likes you after just knowing you for a bit of time, and that thought pattern might descend to her talking about how much her parents would love to meet you. Any sort of talk about dealing with in-laws during a first date is normally a big red flag, but it’s important to take a deep breath and step back in these instances to examine the situation. If you did what you were supposed to, you should have mentioned to her while you were chatting that you’re strictly looking for a casual relationship, and you’re not planning on diving into anything serious anytime soon. If you already had that conversation, and you’ve established that your intentions are the same as hers, then you should still be fine, even when the dreaded in-laws are brought up. Sometimes girls just blurt stuff like this out uncontrollably, and they don’t really mean too much by it.

How To Look Great To Women — Be A Gentleman

The first thing that we think about when we think about James Bond is probably how good he is when it comes to women. Indeed, when we think about how to look great in the eyes of women, we should use James Bond as our basic model. Mr. Bond is a perfect gentleman, and he’s also mysterious and unpredictable. Just like we are wired to admire men like James Bond, women are wired to be attractive to them, so act like a perfect gentleman like mister James Bond, and you’ll see your chances of having a one night stand on your first date to be very high, indeed.