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After testing for a few months, we were able to really get a feel for what the dating service has to offer – nothing. When it comes to dating services, there are really only a small portion that are worth your time, with the rest either being too much effort for a small amount of success or no success at all. Our team used Flirt for long enough to know that – in our opinion – it isn’t any good as a dating service and we really want to get the word out there to ensure that no singles get caught up into the trap of purchasing a subscription for it.

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What are other people saying about Flirt? Most of the reviews painted one of two pictures: a fairly good dating site to meet local singles, or a scam website filled with profiles run by women that try to get your credit card information. These are two pretty conflicting opinions, so our team set off to determine which one is the most accurate. Unfortunately, our experiences were more in line with the latter opinion than the former.

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A quick skim of the messages that you get on will raise some red flags right away and have you wondering if they’re from real people or not. After reading these messages thoroughly, it’s quite clear that many of these users are simply looking for your credit card information. Some users use pick-up line after pick-up line in poor English, which made us wonder numerous times if they were bots or real humans. Between this and the amount of people fishing for your personal information, it became clear to us that is not a positive environment for local online singles looking to make some real connections.

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Comparison of Flirt. Category: Love. Conlusion: You should subscribe on other real dating sites.

Is Flirt Legit? might be a legitimate dating website with real singles, but the amount of fakes and lack of real singles looking to meet up makes it far from an effective service. For those hoping for a dating website that makes it easy and intuitive to meet other like-minded people, you will be gravely disappointed in what Flirt has to offer. In fact, it really has nothing to offer but a quick and easy way to waste your time and money – the opposite of what a dating service such as this should aim for.

Is Flirt Working?

Over the course of a few months, our team sent out 150 emails, 58 of which we received replies for. Wondering what happened after? We’ve used many dating sites and had great success with them, so we know how to turn messages into dates. With, we weren’t able to set up any potential dates. The fact that we had no success even using a premium membership – especially considering the experience that we have with dating sites such as this – is really a reflection of the quality of the website and the users on it. There are barely any people on this site actually looking to have a connection with someone else, let alone meet up and potentially create one.

Is Flirt Real?serious dating services that offer so much more.

One of the most frustrating aspects of the online dating scene is the uneven ratio of uneffective services and good ones. is definitely a very poor dating service that should be avoided at all costs for one simple reason: it doesn’t work. I think we’ve covered enough of the reasons that it doesn’t work above and hopefully made it clear that you shouldn’t even consider trying this dating website out.