CougarLife Review” Compared Against the Top websites

Out of the 80 dating sites that my best friend and I have tested over the last month, we have realized that is a dating service that rises above many. We started out with the question: Is CougarLife any good for getting real dates? After all of our research, we can conclude with resolve, that it is in fact a legitimate site. There are so many bogus sites jam-packed with fake profiles and scams that it is hard to tell what is even real and what is just a hoax. This is why we were pleasantly surprised with our success on, and part of the reason we have kept it on our list of recommended dating services. To find out more about our Favorite Dating Sites, we have put together a series of reviews to help you find the best of the best.

CougarLife Reviews As One of the Best Yet

We tested a lot of sites, and we reviewed each site with a careful eye of scrutiny to determine its effectiveness for actually meeting women. We did not want to just talk online with anonymous individuals, we wanted to meet in real life, and see where things could go from there. Most of the dating services that we tested amounted to nothing but a waste of time and money, however was one of the few sites that had proven results in helping guys find real dates with older women.

Statistiques of CougarLife

How We Tested to See if CougarLife is Working For Real Dates

We wanted to see if CougarLife is legit for meeting up with real women. We analyzed the site using our methodical approach, the same approach that we used when testing every other site. The reason for this is that we wanted to set an equal bar for all of the dating sites to compete on. If you are asking: “Is CougarLife Real?”, then look over our statistical findings below, and we are sure that it will help your decision on which dating services to use.

The Statistics are Back for

Sent Emails – 150
For every single site that we tested, we used the same standard amount of emails to probe the waters. We sent out 150 emails on CougarLife to see what type of response we would get.

Received Replies – 54%
Out of all of our emails, we received responses on a little over half. Although this was not our best response rate, it was still definitely worthy of mention.

Dates Set Up – 55%
Consistent with our reply rate, we also were able to set up potential dates with just over half of our reply messages.

Actual Dates – 88%
Sometimes people cancel and sometimes dates just don’t work out. That being said, almost all of our potential dates from this site did work out.

Relationship Potentials – 90%
Out of all of our dates, nearly every single one seemed like there was potential for something to happen. It’s difficult to statistically predict potential relationships, but we definitely foresaw a lot of interest from almost all of our dates.

Reviews of CougarLife

Comparison of CougarLife. Category: Mature Dating. Rank: 2. Web address: CougarLife.com0

The Potential of CougarLife Scams

Every dating site has the potential of scams or fake profiles. This is the main reason that we conducted all of these tests over the last month. We wanted to know for sure what was good, what was bad, and what definitely needed to be avoided. rated fairly well on scam radar. Of course, we did notice that some profiles were obviously fake or in the minimum extremely exaggerated, but we had no issues with our credit cards, so we would deem it safe to use. This is good because one of the greatest risks with dating sites is the security of your personal info, and typically it is almost always better to use the paid service to help you stand out from the crowd.

The Best and The Worst of

Every dating site has its ups and downs, and CougarLife is no different. We found there to be a few good functions for helping find a date, as well as a few that we were not the biggest fans of. Below is a list of a quick list of our findings.

The Best of CougarLife

* The Ultimate Cougar Catch Guarantee ensures that you will find a match or you get your money back.
* Profile comments let you flirt with potential matches.
* Private messaging and private photo access.
* Find a date tonight feature helps you get dates quick.

The Worst of CougarLife

* Most features are available only for paid memberships.
* Limited search capabilities.

The Final Word on CougarLife

Overall, is a decent site for making dates with real women. Although it is not the best one out there, it is far superior to the majority of dating services available on the internet. One drawback is that the site is only really effective with a paid membership, but luckily the cost to register is fairly low in comparison to many other sites, and there is no risk of credit card fraud. If you are looking to hook up with an older woman, this is probably one of your better choices, and is definitely worth trying out.