5 Best Date Night Ideas

date ideasBest Date Night Ideas

We men are great and all, but sometimes, we have the greatest amount of difficulty with the smallest things. When we have a first date set up, for instance, we tend to totally fail on setting ourselves and our dates up with a night that all parties will truly remember. Dating is complicated, after all, and it’s something that’s very easy to mess up, especially if you’re putting absolutely no time into preparation. Well, lucky for you, we can save you a bit of that preparation time by sharing with you our five best date night ideas.

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Spend Time Thinking About First Date Night Ideas

In life, the unprepared will always suffer, and those who spent some time on foresight will always benefit. Make sure that you belong to the latter group in every endeavor of your life, including online dating. When you secured a date with a woman using an online hookup platform, spend some time mapping out some date night ideas for your first date. This will all depend on your interests and what you’ve figured out about her interests, so we certainly can’t do all the work for you. What we can do is suggest some tried-and-true date ideas, one of which might just be the perfect fit for both of you.

Get better at Online Dating

Visit A Museum

While a museum might seem like a strange suggestion at first, it’s worth noting that museums are among the very best date settings when it comes to engaging in conversation with a lovely lady, and getting to know who she is as a person. A clear benefit of museums is that, if ever there is an uncomfortable lull in the conversation, either of you can simply look at the wall right next to you, and share some of your thoughts about the artistic piece that you’re looking at. Whether you’re an art freak or not, museums tend to be a safe bet for a first date.

Feed The Ducks

Maybe you and your date are two quaint people who would enjoy a nice stroll in the park. Find yourselves a nice bench, pull out a load of that day old bread, and treat the ducks around you to a magnificent feast while you get to know everything there is to know about the beautiful dame standing before you. Ducks are existential beings, too, and they deserve to be treated to a nice snack once in awhile. By going to a park and feeding the ducks on the bench, you’re not only providing a calm, serene place to have your first date, you’re also performing a good deed to another species, without it really costing you much at all.

Go Bowling

While bowling can seem a little cheesy to do on a first date, this idea can certainly work if you both have a sense of humour. Don’t worry; your performance in the game probably won’t affect your chances of striking out later on in the date. Unless she completely destroys you, then it might be time to start getting worried.

Go To A Bar

A bar is such a lasting environment for first dates, it’s hard to see the idea going anywhere anytime soon. A bar is a simple suggestion, but chances are your lady will like the idea of grabbing a drink and sitting at a table for a while to have a nice chat.

Go Straight To Your Place

Of course, you don’t really have to engage in any first steps at all if both you and your lady decided that you’d prefer to go straight to the action. You did meet each other through an online hookup platform, after all, so you’re both aware of what each other’s end goals are. Why not switch the end goal and put it right at the beginning of the night? If she’s cool with it, suggest that she come to your place for a few drinks. Once she’s there, we leave the rest fully up to you. It looks like you have this covered.