Badoo Review” Compared Against the Top websites

The world of online dating can be tough, and with our experience using, it really does nothing but make the process even harder. Investing your time into a service such as this should give you some results and make the process as smooth as possible. Unfortunately, in our opinion, Badoo doesn’t do either of these things. After testing the dating service for a few months, we noticed many problems with it that hinder your ability to connect with local singles and really bring down its quality. Take a look at out review of why you should avoid and invest in better, newer dating services below.

Badoo Reviews

Before diving into Badoo, we did a bit of research into the service to see what other singles were saying about the site. Right off the bat, we noticed that most of the reviews out there don’t speak very highly of the dating service. Complaints of low response rates and difficulty solidifying any serious dates were the most common complaints, which set the bar pretty low once we decided to give it a try for ourselves.

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Is Badoo Real?

Badoo is a legit dating website – it’s the users that bring it down the most. Many of the profiles on here are quite obviously phishing scams and it doesn’t take more than a quick glance at the model-perfect pictures of many of the users to determine this. Although Badoo isn’t a scam dating website, many of the users on it are scammers and do nothing but making finding a real connection more difficult for you. Don’t be surprised if you receive numerous messages from local singles in your area immediately after joining – only to realize once you view their profile that they are scammers. Many users probably get sucked in by this initial promise, but at the end of the day the service will leave you empty handed in terms of dates.

Reviews of Badoo

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Is Badoo Working?

After using Badoo for quite some time, we didn’t have much success with the dating service. We received 89 replies to the 150 emails that we sent, which led to 45 potential dates. Unfortunately, only 17 of these actually led to real dates, and from these 17 we can say that only 6 offered relationship potential. For a service that should be connecting users with like-minded people looking to date, this is a pretty abysmal number. At the end of the day, most of the effort that we invested into Badoo didn’t translate into much potential, especially when compared to other serious dating services that can actually be used to connect with real, local singles that aren’t around to scam you or waste your time.

Problems with Badoo

On top of the numerous scammers on Badoo, the dating service features various other problems that drag it down. The design and features are extremely basic, which does make it easy to pick up. However, this also means that you really hit a wall with it when it comes to trying to find like-minded dates. The search features are very limited, as is the messaging system, which doesn’t even have the ability to create a contact list of your favorite users. Searching and messaging are two of the main methods used to connect with other singles on dating websites, so it really is baffling that they wouldn’t invest more time into making these features more functional.

Another problem with Badoo is the advertising – most of the advertisements look very low-quality and when a service doesn’t have quality advertising behind them, it’s typically a reflection of the quality of their website. Taking a look at Badoo’s advertisements should tip you off that this isn’t a good dating service and after using it for a bit, you’ll likely agree with us that they are intrusive and detract from the experience.

If you’re looking for a quality dating service with comprehensive and intuitive search features to make finding a date easy, is not a good choice. It really isn’t working as far as dating services go and will leave you feeling that you’ve wasted your time after using it. Invest your time in some of the other newer dating services that we’ve tested and you’ll get much better service and impressive results.