POF.com Review” Compared Against the Top websites

POF.com, also known as Plenty of Fish, is a fairly well-known dating website that is free to use and has thousands of users for you to sift through. Unlike other dating websites that constantly push you to pay money, POF is the complete opposite. Unfortunately, the site is riddled with problems – most stemming from the users of the service. In our experience with the dating website, even its free option isn’t enough to recommend it. In our opinion you’re much better off investing your time in newer dating services that can provide you with real local singles who are looking for a serious connection – something that POF cannot provide.

POF Reviews

The POF reviews on the internet are mixed – many people praise its free-to-use option, while others complain about the quality of users and inconvenient interface. After using the service for a few months, we can confidently say that we support the latter reviewers – this dating service simply isn’t worth the time, free or not. Although there is a premium membership option, the features are not worth the money and using the free version of POF is enough to give you a feel for what the dating website is all about and know that it’s not worth the effort.

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Is POF Legit?

POF might not be a scam dating website, but far too many users on the site are scammers. Prepare yourself for numerous messages from people looking for your credit card number or asking for personal information. In addition, even many of the profiles that are created by real singles are littered with spam, which is a true reflection of the quality of the users on this website. Not many people on here are looking for serious relationships or dating – most likely, you’ll find yourself feeling like your time has been wasted by the end of your use of the dating service.

Reviews of POF

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Is POF Working?

POF is a dating real service, but the quality of the users is the first red flag that reflects the quality of the service. After sending out 150 emails, we received 47 replies. From these replies, just 15 dates were set up, but none of them went through. By the end of our months using this service, we received absolutely nothing in return, even through the use of the premium membership perks. Given these numbers, POF.com is one of the worst dating services that you could use. Whether you use the free or premium membership, the chances that you will get anything in return for your efforts are slim to none.

Is POF Any Good?

As you can probably tell from what we covered above, POF is a service that is at the bottom of the totem pole of dating services. Although the POF scams stem solely from its users, the fact that the premium features simply don’t provide any sort of benefit in terms of connecting with singles means that there’s no reason to invest your time or money into this service. Another huge downfall is the fact that the search engine will determine your age limit for you – older and looking for a younger woman to spice up your life? Tough luck, POF will decide on the youngest users that you can message.

However, perhaps one of the biggest underlying problems with this dating website is the fact that the staff doesn’t care about the site’s shortcomings. When we tried to report users with inappropriate pictures numerous times – including one with a man holding a gun at the camera – we received no response and the profiles remained. If you want to build a positive environment for singles to mingle and connect, you need to have a team that takes the perception of their service seriously.

At the end of the day, our experiences with POF.com have been terrible and reflect the poor customer feedback of the dating website. Not only did we have no luck setting up dates with local women, we had to wade through numerous fake profiles and inappropriate photos that accompanied spam-ridden profiles. There is no reason for you to use either the free or premium version of this dating service when there are much newer, higher quality dating services to choose from, including eHarmony and Match.com.