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Looking for the right online dating platforms for you, but not sure where to start? Well, might just be your ideal starting and ending point. Really, because of how well eHarmony works, there’s little reason to pursue any other site after using this one. We should know, since we recently came out of testing a plethora of online dating platforms from around the net. Our reviewing process consisted of putting 80 dating sites to the test to see how well they performed, and to verify their legitimacy. We did this because we understand the need for transparency when it comes to finding some good companionship online. Potential users want the services that these sites advertise, but they don’t want to get caught up in any sort of scam, and they certainly don’t want their time wasted. Potential users like you only want one simple thing: a forum that will facilitate the communication between you and beautiful, interesting women looking to meet up and have a good time. The sad reality is that some websites will take advantage of their users’ honest intentions, and try to scam a quick buck out of them. Luckily for everyone involved, eHarmony performs just as advertised. There are no scams here, nor are there any indications that your time will be wasted. All you will find on eHarmony are good, honest, gorgeous female users who want to make the acquaintances of fine gentlemen just like yourself. With eHarmony, there’s no need to question anything at all. Just sign up, start chatting up the amazing women on the site, and see if you can turn those textual conversations into actual dates!

We had a great time reviewing

Because our reviewing process consisted of 80 online dating sites, we were bound to run into more than a few illegitimate sites that were just blatant wastes of users’ valuable time. Of course, we ended up running into those sites, and we were actually glad that we could finally see them for what they are and pass down our honest reviews to potential users. Luckily for us, though, there were also plenty of great, fun sites on our list of reviews that provided us a dynamic and fun working experience. was certainly one of those sites, and from our results below, you’ll see how much of a fun time we had while conducing our eHarmony review. More importantly, you’ll see that you, too, can benefit from the services of this awesome platform.

Statistiques of eHarmony

The results of our eHarmony test speak for themselves

Going by our standard method for reviewing online dating platforms, we sent out 150 e-mails to beautiful female users on Out of those initial emails, we waited to see how many responses we would get. To our pleasant surprise, we received 74 replies. That’s almost a 50% response rate, which is leagues better than many other dating websites that we reviewed. We chatted with those 74 women who responded to us about a variety of topics. We had a great time during these textual exchanges, but our ultimate goal here was to try and get dates, so we eventually ended up asking all of them if they were interested in meeting up with us. Again, to our delight, 41 of those women said that they would love to come on a date with us. Although this was also an impressive ratio, we certainly did not count our chickens before they hatched, since we’ve been held up plenty of times when reviewing other adult dating websites. It turned out that we would be happy with the next results as well: out of the 41 women who agreed to go on a date with us, 36 of them actually showed up to meet us. This was great news, since we barely got stood up by any of the eHarmony users we spoke with. Best of all, each and every one of the women were fantastic and interesting, and we concluded that 31 of them were serious girlfriend material. That’s right, there were 31 women that we met on the site that we considered had a really high relationship potential. That’s a whole lot of potential girlfriends to choose from!

eHarmony is a completely scam-free zone

We all know the drill when it comes to online hookup sites; it’s always important to keep an eye out for any hints of scamming or illegitimate activity of any kind. This is a reflex that we all have when it comes to these kind of platforms, since the online dating world is filled with bots and scammers out to waste your time and take your hard-earned cash out of your pocket. Luckily for everyone involved, eHarmony scams are a totally fictitious concept. During our reviewing process, we have found that eHarmony works in exactly in the way it’s supposed to. eHarmony is a real site where you can meet beautiful women who want nothing more than to make your acquaintance. If you’re looking for a good, legit online dating site where you don’t have to worry about scammers, eHarmony is definitely the right place for you.

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Waste no more time in giving eHarmony a try

Really, there’s no reason to hesitate when it comes to giving eHarmony a try, You have nothing to lose by signing up to the site and chatting up with the women who use it. All you’ll find is real, genuine, interesting, beautiful women who are using the site for the same reason you are. Like we said, we scanned the platform thoroughly to ween out any scammers, and we did not find a single one there, so the coast is totally clear for you. Try the site out for free, and if you find that it checks out, consider opting for a paid membership. The site can definitely produce results for free users, but members really have all the tools at their disposal for meeting hot women from the site without wasting any time. Visit eHarmony now, and see for yourself!