Your Optimal First Date Strategy

first date strategyOptimal First Date Strategy

Historically, it’s been hard enough for men to even find dates; it’s another matter entirely when we have to actually come up with some sort of game plan for our first date. However, it’s something that must certainly be done if we’re ever going to have any chance at getting laid. A date is like anything else; if you’re looking for a certain thing out of your date, and you come unprepared, you’ll be so overwhelmed by the obstacles that, in all likelihood, your mission will be a failed one.

On the other hand, if you come to your date with a certain direction laid out for you, you’ll have a better strategy of what plan to stick to if any left curves are thrown your way. Life rewards those who come well-prepared — if you’re looking to be rewarded by your date, you need to be ready to sweep her off her feet. We have plenty of experience when it comes to sweeping women off their feet, and we’re happy to share our experience with you.

Dating Websites — Your Worries Of How To Get Girls’ Numbers Are A Thing Of The Past

If you’re reading this guide and you have not yet secured a date, our first recommendation is to sign yourself up on a good online dating website, and discover how easy it is for single men to set themselves up on dates in this day and age. Thanks to the advent of adult dating platforms, the traditional worries that come with courting a woman are a thing of the past. In the virtual world, women are always ready to take some physical steps relatively quickly during companionship, because they registered on the website for the very same reason you did.

Get better at Online Dating

Establish A First Date Strategy

Once you find yourself a hot date, it’s time to sit down and take a few moments to visualize and map out how the ideal date will go. Maybe you start your day off at the museum, then head to the restaurant, then the dance club. It all depends on your interests and the interests of your date. Think about your woman’s personality, and try to devise a gameplan that will make her completely happy. The success of a date tends to hinge more on the woman’s level of satisfaction more than a man’s; be mindful of this fact, and try to make her as satisfied with the date’s proceedings as she an possibly be.

Be A Complete Gentleman

No matter which set of events you choose for your date, it’s important that you keep a calm, cool, gentlemanly demeanor throughout the entire event, and that you treat your lady like the valuable pearl that she is. Open the car and restaurant doors for her, offer her a seat at the table before you sit down, pour her some more wine whenever her glass is looking low. If you treat your lady with respect and good manners, you’ll be treated in the same manner in turn, and you’ll have a perfectly lovely time together.

Make A Move For The One Night Stand

Of course, you might be having fun getting to know each other by the wee hours of the night, but let’s face it — you’re both more excited to get to know each other in the physical way, too. When you feel the time is right, make a move on her, and see if she wants to go hang out back at your place. She’ll understand the code, and if you played your cards right for the whole night, she might just take you up on your offer.

Women Love Having Orgasms

Don’t be too quick in celebrating your mission accomplishment of securing a one night stand through an online date. You still have the responsibility of performing your many duties during the sex you’re about to have. You know that you love orgasms, but it’s important to remember that women love having orgasms as well, and they deserve one just as much as you do. Be a calm, patient, unselfish lover, and you’ll find that the sex can be even more intense than you’ve ever imagined. Once you’re done with the whole sex business, and you’ve woken up in the morning, have some breakfast with your companion for the night, and wish her a nice day. Once the door closes behind her, then you have our official permission to fist bump yourself and a do a little dance, because you just completed your first one night stand through the online dating world. Welcome to the club.