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Although there are over 80 online dating websites available at your fingertips – all of which make hefty promises to singles looking to connect with like-minded women – the sad reality is 97% of them are scams. Many of these dating sites are flooded with women that are using the service for nothing more than your money, making it very difficult to make any sort of real connection. Luckily, we’ve tested out all of the major dating services out there and compiled a list of the best dating services for finding real women, as well as some of the ones to avoid.

Legit Dating Sites

The best dating services are the ones that make it simple and easy to connect with real women that want a connection, as opposed to just playing with your head. Among the best qualities of such services are staff with a commitment to ensuring the lack of any fake profiles run by scammers as well as maintaining quality search features to make finding a serious relationship as stress-free as possible.

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Our 3 best dating services for having a serious relationship

All of the dating services that we’ve included in our list above have a strong focus on quality design and a commitment to providing a positive atmosphere for finding real women that are looking for something serious. You don’t need to worry about fake profiles or people simply looking to use you for your money – the women on here are real and looking for something genuine. These aren’t the kind of online dating sites where people go looking for a simple one night stand. Although there’s nothing wrong with that, other sites that we have reviewed are designed specifically for this purpose. is a great dating site that offers numerous features designed to help you find your perfect match. For example, the “date spark” tool was implemented to help you find people that have the same interests and preferences as you. Using this feature, you will only receive responses from other members that have the same interests as you. In addition, you can find matches based on education, background, faith and language – even on a trial account. If you’re not sure as to whether this site is for you, the amount of options available on the trial account is enough to give you a feel for what it has to offer.


Between comprehensive profiles packed with information, relationship tips and various other extras that you don’t see on competing dating websites, eHarmony is a perfect example of a great dating website that really gives you the incentive to purchase a premium membership. While most of the scam dating sites out there tempt you to purchase a paid membership only to leave you realizing that the perks don’t actually get you any closer to connecting with someone, eHarmony is a reputable service that has led to many happy relationships. features an intuitive interface very much akin to Facebook that makes connecting with all of your potential matches an easy process. All of the women using this website are real and looking to make a legitimate connection just like you – take at look at the comprehensive profiles and you’ll see how easy it is to get an idea of the interests and desires of each potential match. The service offers two paid membership options – Silver and Gold – and both are worth the money for the unique features that they offer, including access to profile videos.

Scam Dating Sites

On the other side of the spectrum of online dating services are the scam dating websites – the ones that make many promises but fail to deliver on any of them. The American dating sites that we’ve listed below all suffer from a lack of real women and an abundance of fake profiles, making your journey towards making a real connection frustratingly difficult. Whereas the above websites offer plenty of real women and a simple means of connecting with them, in our opinion these services are more focused on making money off of your subscription than giving you what they promise. Take note of these dating websites before your decide to sign up for any service to make sure that you put your money into something that’s actually going to get you what you want.

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Online dating sites that failed our tests for having a serious relationship

Red Flags

When browsing through online dating services, take note of the layout of the website and the quality of profiles on the site. Compare a site like Plenty of Fish to eHarmony or – while the latter two sites offer detailed profiles and intuitive layouts, Plenty of Fish has a cumbersome design and many profiles riddled with spam and one-liners. Both of these qualities should raise some red flags and tip you off to the fact that the site is more for casual sex and contain users that really aren’t putting the required effort into their profiles. The nature of users using these services really is a reflection of what the service is all about, so always take note of the kind of people using the service and the nature of the profiles that you see.

Finding a legit dating service can be tough, especially with the amount of sites available and the hefty promises that they make. However, the three dating websites that we’ve outlined above are the real deal and definitely worth every penny of the paid membership. Take note of the dating services that we’ve listed as poor quality well as the red flags for these kinds of services and we’re sure that you’ll have a much easier time weeding out the real from the fake and be on the road towards making a real connection with someone that you truly share interests with.