Zoosk Review” Compared Against the Top websites

After a few months of testing Zoosk.com, we can safely say that in our opinion this site is not the kind of dating service that you want to invest in. Zoosk is a perfect example of a dating service that wants nothing more than to drain your money – no value is placed on the ability of you and other members on the website connecting and forming meaningful relationships. With some other great dating services out there that actually give you results, there’s no reason to waste your time with a service like Zoosk. So why exactly is this dating site so bad?

Zoosk Reviews

A quick glance at the reviews of Zoosk reviews revealed numerous complaints regarding the dating service – everything from cash-grab upgrades to search features that aren’t at all effective for finding the right matches for you. With this in mind, we decided to give Zoosk a chance to prove these reviewers wrong and show us that it could actually provide us with a means of finding that special someone. Unfortunately, the problems that we had mirrored those voiced by other users of the site.

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Is Zoosk Legit?

Zoosk.com is a legitimate dating website – there are real singles on here looking to connect. The problem is that there are also numerous scammers that make the process very difficult, and combined with Zoosks’s poor matching capabilities, finding like-minded people in your area to meet up with is nearly impossible. Even after changing up search criteria numerous times, we still go the same results for local singles in the area, which is a perfect example of how bad their service is. So yes, Zoosk is a real dating service, but the quality of the service is almost nonexistent.

Reviews of Zoosk

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Is Zoosk Working?

After sending out 150 emails, we received 67 replies from local singles in the area. Of these replies, just 7 replied. As if this number wasn’t bad enough, of these 7 potential dates only 2 of them led to actual dates, and only one of these dates had any sort of relationship potential. That’s right – 150 emails later and just one potential relationship is all we got. Considering the amount of money that this dating website tries to pry out of your pocket, the service should be offering way, way more in the form of returns for the effort that you invest.

Is Zoosk Any Good?

The biggest problem with Zoosk is that it requires you to purchase coins that can be spent on upgrades and features that are already included in other competing dating services. These coins can be spent on opening unread messages and making your profile more visible, but why would we pay for something that other services include in their paid membership plans that offer features that actually work? If you’re going to be dropping this much money into something, you should be getting more than one potential relationship after 150 sent emails.

Another problem with Zoosk is the scam profiles – many of the good-looking singles on on this website turn out to be fake profiles that are just trying to scam you. Although these problems aren’t created by the Zoosk team, the fact that they don’t make any effort to remove these profiles and keep the site free of them shows how much they value the time that you put into their service. With the amount of money that users spend on coins, they have no excuse to not have the resources to get on top of the numerous scammers that bring the dating site down.

Do yourself a favor and avoid Zoosk.com at all costs. Take a look at the other newer dating services that we’ve given positive reviews to and you’ll find that they offer the features and benefits that you should get from a dating service. With Zoosk, all you’re going to get is a lighter wallet and a chunk of your life taken away. The world of dating can already take enough of your time and money away from you – don’t let it take more than it has to!